Entertain Outdoors After the Sun Sets with Professional Outdoor Lighting Design.

Time to Come Outside and Stay Outside

By Paul Welty

Outdoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting design highlighted the beautiful design of this backyard and  turned it into a relaxing, comfortable space where the homeowners can now entertain even after the sun sets.

It’s the time of year we’re anxious to get back outside. The sun starts showing itself a little more, the bulbs are starting to pop up, and it’s getting warmer….Yeah! That means the outside entertaining season will be here before we know it!

Remember the projects you’ve been thinking of and are now ready to get done? Isn’t it time to make your favorite outdoor spaces usable as well as beautiful after the sun goes down? You know it can be done. You’ve been thinking about it all of the long dark winter. Yes…..It is time to bring lighting into your outdoor spaces. You’ve spared little expense and taken great pride and time in selecting the features, elements and finishes that now create your favorite outdoor spaces. You should do no less when selecting and designing the outdoor lighting and lighting systems that will complement and complete your outdoor lighting design project.

Did I say “design the light?”

I absolutely did! That’s where we come in at Innovative Nightscapes. Our professionally trained and certified lighting designers will work with you to design light that will give your outdoor spaces that relaxing resort-like feeling. Professionally designed light utilizes products and devices that take control of the light, shielding our eyes from light sources, shaping and directing the light where we need it for egress and safe passage, and then drawing our eyes naturally and comfortably through the different and interesting elements of our night time scenes, ultimately creating a relaxing, comfortable, resort like space.

Creating a view from within.

Our lighting designer will also consider how your new outdoor scenes will be viewed from inside your home. When we design night time scenes, it is very important to draw the inside viewer’s eye beyond the reflection of the glass. Properly designed outdoor lighting will eliminate the reflection of ourselves that we’re used to seeing at night, draw our eyes outside again, and ultimately extend our inside living space.

Professionally designed light considers all of the harsh elements associated with light as well. Light trespass to neighboring properties, skyglow, improper light levels, energy consumption and system longevity are just a few of issues that could potentially create problems. We take great pride and spend a lot of energy making sure that these things never become problems.

Professional installation and products.

Portland outdoor lighting designInnovative Nightscapes will install your lighting system using only the best proven installation methods and techniques to insure that your lighting system will perform night after glorious night. We will also maintain your system to insure perfect performance and uninterrupted service all year long. If you prefer, we will teach you the basic and simple tasks required to keep your lights burning bright. You get to choose!

Innovative Nightscapes can provide lighting services for any budget. With an absolutely amazing and overwhelming selection of lighting products to choose from, Innovative Nightscapes has already done all of the homework needed to know what products are available, what products are usable and will last for years, and what products will fit your budget.

Contact us today for your complimentary lighting consultation that will draw you outside, even when you’re inside!