Tips to Keep your Outdoor Lights Working Through the Wind and Rain.

RainWith the rain coming back, fall is a great time of year to perform some simple maintenance tasks on your outdoor lighting to keep them in good working order and help them last a long time.

TIPS FOR MAINTAINING FIXTURES: Clean your fixtures and lenses. Look for any signs of damage or cracked glass. If damage is detected make repairs as you can and order replacement parts as needed. If any moisture is detected inside the fixture, check rubber gaskets and seals and replace as needed. Make sure you clean and dry all moisture from inside the fixture when it is reassembled.

TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR LIGHTS WHERE YOU WANT THEM: Fixtures may move over time so check for location and aiming position and make adjustments as needed. Landscapes grow and often block light fixtures. Pruning is required to reclaim these fixtures and eliminate hot spots caused by overgrowth. Remember, when pruning, be sure to cut back far enough to prevent foliage and branches from creating undesirable hot spots in your lighting scene. Check timers for correct time and switching sequences. Adjust if needed.

Of course, you can always call us, and we’ll make sure your scenes perform night after glorious night, never to miss an evening queue.