Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Custom Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Brighten your outdoor spaces with custom residential landscape lighting design by Innovative Nightscapes that will have your property looking even more impressive at night than it does during the day! Using a variety of artistic lighting techniques, Innovative Nightscapes creates stunning visual scenes that will highlight your outdoor landscaping, artwork and architectural features while creating a safe and inviting destination.

Transform your Patio, Deck or Yard with Innovative Nightscapes

Residential Lighting Adds Drama to Your Yard
Paul Welty, Innovative Nightscapes owner, is an award-winning certified outdoor lighting designer with extensive training in this specialty field. He brings a collaborative approach to each project, working closely with you to find out how you want to use your yard, garden or patio at night. Perhaps you’d like to extend your outdoor entertaining hours by artfully illuminating your patio or deck. Professional landscape lighting design can turn your backyard into an beautiful and relaxing oasis that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Have a favorite tree, birdbath or piece of artwork that you’d like to enjoy at night? Properly placed lighting on even a single item can create a dramatic effect that will take your breath away.

Extend your View from the Inside out

Innovative Nightscapes are meant to be enjoyed from inside your home, as well. What once may have been a view out into a dark void or reflection of inside can be transformed into an artfully lighted space designed just for you.

Holiday Lighting Made Easy

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Holidays come alive especially with lighting that you don’t have to struggle up ladders to install yourself. Innovative Nightscapes is a distributor of BlissLights, which are simple-to-use starfield lighting projectors. A single fixture projects a starfield of light wherever it is aimed, making your own little piece of the heaven right here on Earth. We also purchase and install custom and traditional holiday lighting products to create a variety of holiday lighting scenes.

High-Grade and Energy Efficient Light Fixtures Built to Last

We only use professional-grade lighting equipment that is built to withstand the harsh elements of the Pacific Northwest and will provide years of continuous service. A variety of  energy efficient lighting options are available. Switching to one such as LED lights can you save you up to 85% in electrical costs annually. Innovative Nightscapes can install durable underwater lighting in your pool or fountain.

Residential Landscape Lighting Design and Maintenance Plans

Once your lighting system is installed, Innovative Nightscapes will provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep your investment shining throughout the years.

Brighten Up Your Yard

Expand your outdoor living areas and enhance what you have with lighting. Call 503 892 8238 to set up a complimentary consultation with Paul Welty, Innovative Nightscapes owner and certified outdoor lighting designer.

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